Month: September 2011

FL Rep. Calls for Delegation on Immigration Before Next Session

Florida Representative Luis Garcia Jr. (D-Miami), has called on state Rep. Carlos Lopez-Cantera (R-Miami), to schedule a Miami-Dade legislative delegation meeting to consider taking a…

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Resolution Urging FL Legislature Not to Pass State Immigration Bill

The Miami-Dade County Commission approved on Tuesday a resolution urging the Florida Legislature to not pass any immigration legislation in 2012. Sponsored by Commissioner Audrey…

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Report Finds Immigrants Being Deported Without A Hearing

A report issued by the National Immigration Law Center has found that 160,000 immigrants have been deported without ever facing a judge over the course…

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Immigrant Visa Screening for Security Purposes

Federal officials have revealed that they are placing new security measures on immigrants who overstay their visas. A Homeland Security agent says they are running…

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Students Working for Immigrant Rights

Hundreds of people have called on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to halt the deportation of 21-year-old Jennifer Lopez, a DREAM Act-eligible woman from Palm…

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Employment Eligibility Self-Check Expands

Image by Getty Images via @daylife The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has expanded itsE-Verify self-check service to another 16 state. At the same…

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How the 2011 Budget will Impact Immigrant and Refugee Programs

Image via Wikipedia As you may already be aware, the President signed into law the Budget Control Act of 2011, which prevented the U.S. government…

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U.S. Citizens Upset with New Visa Rule

A new U.S. visa rule has upset many U.S. citizens who are expatriates, while also leading lawyers to foresee a significant lengthening in the visa…

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Alabama Immigration Law Halted Until Judge Makes Final Ruling on its Constitutionality

There is still hope for immigrant residents of Alabama. After the state legislature passed the harshest, most irrational and far-reaching immigration law in the nation’s…

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Returning Lawful Permanent Residents Treated as “Arriving Aliens”

Imagine you have been a green card holder living in the United States legally for many years. You plan a cruise to the Bahamas and…

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Lawyers Sue Federal Authorities over Shackling Detained Immigrants

Civil rights attorneys in San Francisco have sued federal authorities demanding an end to the alleged practice of shackling all adult detainees–including the elderly and…

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Organizations Provide Ideas for Immigration Reform

As comprehensive immigration reform remains unlikely in the current political climate while an impasse presides over Congress, a coalition of organizations have formed a report…

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Prosecutorial Discretion Impact on Same-Sex Bi-National Couples

As we previously informed, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced that it would provide prosecutorial discretion so as to provide relief for low…

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The Arizona Controversy Continues

More than a year after SB 1070 was initially taken to federal court, the immigration restrictionists behind Arizona’s misguided immigration law have brought their case…

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Detained While Leaving the U.S.

Image via Wikipedia Due to the fairly recent announcement made by theDepartment of Homeland Security (DHS) that it would henceforth focus its efforts on “high…

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