Month: February 2012

Same-Sex Couple Update

Immigration officials have granted a reprieve to a gay man from South Africa so that he can stay in Long Island and care for his…

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Another Case of Civil Rights Abuse in Immigration

After the scandalous Maricopa County, Arizona case enabled by the country’s notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has released details on another…

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The Repercussion of the Alabama Immigration Law

Even though recent court decisions and interpretations from the state’s Attorney General have limited the implementation of Alabama’s punitively harsh immigration law, HB 56, much…

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Calls for Passage of Bill that will Help Prevent Further Religious Persecution

A group of Indonesian Christians and their supporters are calling for the passage of a federal bill that was introduced in the House of Representatives…

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Immigration and the 2012 Appropriations Act

During what was dubbed the “congressional showdown” over payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits, an arrangement for an increased number in immigration beds was taken…

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Spanish Media Weighs in on upcoming Supreme Court review of Arizona Law

The upcoming Supreme Court decision on Arizona’s immigration enforcement law SB 1070 will have an impact on both the 2012 elections and on the lives…

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In-State-Tuition Bill Fails to Pass in Florida Senate

Image via Wikipedia The Florida Senate Judiciary committee voted against a bill that would have allowed immigrant students who meet certain requirements to pay in-state…

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Driver’s License Breakthrough

The privilege of driving with a Florida driver’s license is one that is elusive for the thousands of undocumented aliens and people in removal proceedings…

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Florida Shift in Immigration Priorities

There has been a shift in immigration priorities in the Florida legislature. Our congressmen have filed bills that would allow undocumented immigrants to access children’s…

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Foreign National Same-Sex Couple Granted Deferred Action

Image via Wikipedia The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has decided to grant deferred action on the immigration case of an Australian man…

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Lautenberg Amendment

Before the holidays, the President signed a spending bill for 2012 that includes the “Lautenberg Amendment” which is a provision that gives an extension for…

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Romney Anti-DREAM Act

Mitt Romney, who is considered the favorite and frontrunner in the bid for the Republican presidential ticket, has made it clear that he is an…

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Family Unity Waivers

The Obama administration has proposed a new process allowing spouses and children of U.S. citizens to file for visas while remaining in the country-ending one…

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Fact or Fiction

Sad as it may be, it is a fact that when most people think of immigration in the United States, they likely call to mind…

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Arpaio Heading to Court

 After the Department of Justice accused Sheriff Joe Arpaio of engaging in “unconstitutional policing” by unfairly targeting Hispanics and Latinos for detention and arrest and…

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