Month: April 2012

U.S. Justice Department Bans Voter ID Law

United States Attorney General Eric Holder has had to use his powers under the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to intervene with prohibitive new voting…

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Entrepreneurs in Residence Program

The Obama administration’s top immigration official has said he wants to keep more foreign-born high-tech entrepreneurs in the U.S. but that to make it happen…

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DREAM Act – All or Nothing

It is no secret that the Republican presidential candidates are not fanatics of the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, commonly known as…

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Latinos Critical of President Obama

Many Latinos are critical of President Barack Obama for having caused an upsurge in undocumented immigrant deportations, believing that Obama has broken his campaign promise…

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Mandatory Detention Important Case

In what is surely a landmark decision, the District Court of New Jersey granted habeas corpus and found that mandatory detention under the Immigration and…

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Colorado, Hawaii and Delaware Pass DREAM Act-Type Laws

Even though the DREAM Act has not passed, individual states are taking legislative measures to make it more affordable for their undocumented youth to go…

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Undocumented Professionals

There are countless people who after a lifetime of working hard and doing everything they could to perform at the best of their abilities, they…

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State of Alabama Recognizes its Immigration Law is Detrimental to Society

The original sponsors of Alabama’s extreme anti-immigrant bill HB56 have acknowledged that the law is deeply flawed and are now drafting a new bill to…

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Romney Courting Immigrants

According to news reports, Mitt Romney has distanced himself from campaign manager Kris Kobach who is infamous for his anti-immigrant strategies and has hired Ed…

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Rubio Proposing a Republican-friendly Version of the DREAM Act

Republican elected officials, including Florida’s own U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, are working on a “conservative Republican alternative” to the DREAM Act, in an effort to…

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Young Second-Generation American Immigrants

With the presidential election approaching, a lot of attention has been focused on the Latino vote yet little attention has been given to the immigrant…

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The Often Sad Fate of U.S.-Born Children of Undocumented Parents

It is an undisputable fact that deportation has a particularly devastating impact on the families that are affected by it. When undocumented parents are deported,…

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Human Rights Violations at the Border

The U.S.-Mexico border has for a long time been the center of heated controversy. Now, a human rights group has found that there are a…

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