Month: May 2012

11th Circuit Court of Appeals Reverses BIA on Motions to Reopen Departure Bar

The 11th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals has reversed the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”) prior rulings that a person cannot file a Motion to…

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Florida County Pushes for Arizona-style Immigration Law

Florida is at it again. Now, the Republican Party of Sarasota has begun a petition supporting the passage of an Arizona-style immigration enforcement law for…

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Provisional Unlawful Presence I-601A Waiver Processing Stateside

Currently, immigrant and K visa applicants submit their I-601 waivers at or shortly after their consular interview abroad. After submitting their waivers, applicants have to…

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Importance of Immigration Lawyer Representation

They say all you need is a doctor and a lawyer in the family to be on the safe side. That may be true, given…

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Marco Rubio’s DREAM

As we had informed our readers earlier, Florida’s own United States Senator, Marco Rubio, is working on an alternative to the Dream Act. This version,…

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Maggie Arias at the Florida Supreme Court

At approximately 9:40 a.m. on May 8th, 2012, Pozo Goldstein, LLP’s Maggie Arias and esteemed co-counsel, Benjamin Waxman, appeared before the seven justices at the…

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Florida’s Take on Speculation of the Supreme Court’s Arizona Immigration Law Interpretation

The hearing on the Arizona immigration law is already underway with the Supreme Court hearing arguments on the most controversial provisions and already there is…

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The Hispanic Vote

Immigrant-rights groups are jumpstarting the immigrant’s movement for the presidential campaign by going door to door, making phone calls, and tweeting to encourage more than…

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