Month: June 2012

DREAM Act . . Sort of.

Finally a bit of good news for the young and undocumented people of America! President Obama has officially made a policy change that provides relief…

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The Way of the Past and Future

To us, immigration is not only what we make a living out of, it is also at the center of our lives, it is our…

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New Low for Sheriff

It’s official: Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has reached an all-time low—or high, depending on what your politics are. Despite the fact that he currently has…

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The Presidential Candidates’ Unofficial Immigration Debate in Florida

This past week, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were in Florida holding a presidential convention, and the combo effect of the Sunshine state being…

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Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Update

Joe Arpaio, the Arizona sheriff who became infamous for his extremely harsh stance on immigration and his carrot-and-stick enforcement policies has reportedly gone months without…

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