Month: August 2012

Steve Goldstein Voted Best Attorney in Weston

Managing Partner, Steve Goldstein, was voted “Best Attorney in Weston” in a reader’s poll of the Weston Gazette magazine. This is the Gazette’s annual “Best…

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Asylum Seeker is Jailed Due to Paperwork Hitch

A native of Zimbabwe, living legally in the United States and seeking political asylum was jailed by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement because they claimed…

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The Right to an Attorney in Immigration Court

In removal proceedings, like in a criminal case, the respondent (accused) has the right to be represented by an attorney. In immigration court, however, that…

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Maryland’s Tuition Equity Law

A few months ago we had reported that right before the 2011 legislative session ended, Maryland lawmakers had managed to pass a bill that would…

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As we mentioned previously, this year’s American Olympian team is very multicultural given that there are many immigrants that comprise it. We had introduced a…

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Youth in California

According to statistics, there are roughly 5 million undocumented children and young adults currently living in the U.S., with about twenty-four percent of those living…

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Miami Olympian Danell Leyva

We had already informed all of our readers that this year’s U.S. Olympics team was full to the brim with immigrants, making it the most…

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