Month: September 2012

Ada B. Pozo on truTV

Watch Ada B. Pozo as she appears as a guest commentator on truTV. This morning at 9am, they are airing their coverage of the millionare…

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No Right to Counsel for Applicants for Admission

When you are watching crime show on television, one of the most frequent TV lines is, “You have the right to have an attorney”. While…

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No Obamacare for the Undocumented

Since President Barack Obama announced in June his directive of deferred action that would provide qualifying immigrants with temporary status and work authorization, questions have…

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Arizona Judge Gives the “Green Light” to Immediately Enforce Immigration

After the Supreme Court ruled on the Arizona immigration law back in June, blocking the vast majority of the harsh provisions but leaving one standing,…

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September 11th

Today, September 11th, is a somber anniversary indeed for all the obvious reasons. Along with the unfathomable tragedy and loss of that day in 2001,…

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Arizona Pushes To Complete Border

For most people, the U.S.-Mexico border is an old and tired subject. For too long we have heard the endless bickering and so-called strategizing over…

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Hispanics are the Largest Minority in our School Systems

A great milestone has been reached: for the first time in our nation’s history, young Hispanic people have become the largest minority on college campuses…

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