Month: October 2012

The Notorious BTC Judge Gets More Press

The Miami New Times is a trendy South Florida newspaper provided free to all who want to open the news box on the corner and…

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Surprise Immigration Reform Supporter From the Right

Grover Norquist, a staunch right-wing conservative Republican, is coming around with support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. In a speech at the Midwest Forum, Norquist stated…

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Obama Says he is Committed to Immigration Reform

Finally what we have been waiting to hear from the man himself ever since the second presidential debate took place. In an interview Obama has…

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Immigration Holds Challenged

In Los Angeles, a group of inmates have filed a challenge to the “Immigration hold” system used throughout the country. Typically, if a non-citizen is…

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California Families Shattered

California was running on low steam lately with the Governor’s announcement of vetoing the Trust Act, the bill that would have limited the use of…

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Voting Rules to Impact Latinos

Ever since the 2000 election where the decision of who would become the next president rested on such a small margin that was to be…

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California Governor Vetoes the TRUST Act

In what is surely a major letdown, the California Governor has decided to veto the bill that would have limited the use of Secure Communities…

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The Power of Naturalized Citizens in Elections

The importance that immigrants play in an election year is never going to be more visible than this time around. They are such a force…

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Eleventh Circuit Rules Waiver Must be with Adjustment

In a recent ruling by the Eleventh Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, the Court ruled that a person in removal proceedings who wishes to apply…

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Arizona’s Immigration Bill and its State Economic Effects

It goes without being said that our nation’s economy is still not in the best condition, even if it has been nearly 4 years since…

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