Month: November 2012

Another Article on Broward Transitional Center in Pompano Beach

In yet another article about Immigration Judge Rex Ford, the Huffington Post highlights the issues at the Broward Transitional Center in Pompano Beach, Florida. Front…

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Happy Thanksgiving

As we pause in our daily lives to give thanks on Thanksgiving, there is much to reflect on from the Presidential election results and the…

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Marco Rubio Pushes for DREAMers Solution

It appears that Republican Marco Rubio is taking the lead for the party in trying to attract Hispanic voters. He is urging a more permanent…

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Immigrant Job Creator Faces Deportation

Asaf Darash, an Israeli citizen, started a software company in San Francisco called Regpack. The company has hired about 15 people so far. Despite this…

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Illegal Immigration via our Shores

Miami is what it has become thanks to its Cuban immigration, there is no doubt about that. Ever since Fidel Castro assumed power in 1959…

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Maryland Passes DREAM Act

On Tuesday evening the Presidential election was not the only thing to be decided, throughout out the nation people everywhere were voting for state amendments…

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The 2012 Presidential Election

he people have voted and the incumbent president was once again chosen to be our chief executive for four more years. Barack Obama’s reelection comes…

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Republicans May Be On Board For Immigration Reform

As I watched the election results come in I switched back and forth from network to cable news. I was paying particular attention to some…

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Children of Undocumented Immigrants Get In-State Tuition

The Florida State Board of Education decided, Tuesday, not to appeal a ruling from a Federal Judge prohibiting colleges and universities from charging higher tuition…

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