Month: January 2013

Bipartisan Immigration Law Overhaul

Finally the time is right for immigration reform to come about. We have been ready for this for very long, pleading with lawmakers to hear…

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How Immigration is the Solution to our Declining American Population

It would appear that a distinctive mark of a modern society is that their citizens tend to have considerably less children, especially as the rise…

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New Year Recap

The New Year is upon us, putting an end to a year with many developments made politically on the immigration front. The long awaited Supreme…

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Immigration Reform Push January 2013

President Obama, after avoiding our plunge off the fiscal cliff, now can focus on the rest of his domestic agenda which was laid out during…

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New Final Rule May Help Visa Applicants Stay with Their Families

The Secretary of Homeland Security just announced a new final rule that will promote family unity for visa applicants. According to the U.S. Citizenship and…

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