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It would be difficult to deny that Florida is among the states with the highest immigration levels in this country. In fact, one out of…

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Latino Support for Republican Party Dwindles

House Republican’s lack of support for the Senate’s immigration reform bill is costing them at the polls. The Republican Party now has a 65% disapproval…

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Wait Until October?

In yet another development in the roller coaster ride that is immigration reform; Paul Ryan told attendees at a town hall meeting in Wisconsin that…

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Are We Close to Immigration Reform?

Recent polls show that conservative opposition to comprehensive immigration reform is not what most think. The tide may be turning toward a realistic possibility that…

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Rep King Describes Immigrants as Drug Traffickers

Representative Steve King outrage many as he described immigrants in this country as 130 lbs with calves as huge as mellons from carrying 75 lbs…

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German Home School Family To Be Deported

The world is watching as Edwin Snowden seeks to avoid deportation to the United States where he fears he will face persecution for his leaks…

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As the Senate and White House work on a strategy to motivate House Republicans to pass immigration reform, Christian leadership and members of the evangelic…

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White House Distressed with Progress of Immigration Reform

White House patience with House Republicans who are stalling passage of an immigration reform bill has finally been exhausted. While both the Senate and the…

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Immigration Reform – The Cost of Doing Nothing

What are the ramifications of doing nothing about immigration reform. In an article by Jorge Lima, he proposes there are five key outcomes if the…

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With around 11 million people living illegally in the United States, Congress is finally stepping up to the plate and addressing immigration reform. This is…

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Will the GOP Kill Immigration Reform Again?

We are now at a critical stage in the future of comprehensive immigration reform. Like in 2007, when President George W. Bush supported immigration reform,…

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