Month: August 2013

Feds Will Not Prosecute Marijuana Laws

Today the Obama administration announced that federal laws prohibiting the possession and use of marijuana will not be enforced in the States where possession and…

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“Plan B” For Immigration Reform

If immigration reform does not pass Congress this time, it is very likely that supporters will urge the President to implement a “Plan B” consisting…

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Encouraging News About Immigration Reform

Today Senator Charles E. Schumer said that the effort toward Comprehensive Immigration Reform is on track despite what you may hear. Even though the House…

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Uncovering the Criminal Alien Program

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also known as ICE, has long refused to release tens of thousands of documents about CAP, or the Criminal Alien Program….

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A Sick Compromise

One of the benefits of having status in the United States is having access to government health benefits. Some of these benefits include Medicare, Medicaid,…

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