Month: December 2013

Nearly 50% of Immigration Judges Could Retire in 2014

  According to CBS Miami, nearly half of immigration judges in the United States are eligible to retire in the coming year. The Executive Office…

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Congress’ 2014 To-Do List Starts with Immigration Reform

Now that Congress passed a deal to prevent government shutdowns in the near future, immigration reform is at the top of Congress’ to-do list. The…

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Miami-Dade to Stop Funding Immigration Detention Centers

Aggravated by the underperforming American immigration system, Miami-Dade County has threatened to stop paying for detention centers that currently house undocumented immigrants. As the nation…

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A Surge in Central American Asylum Seekers

With the rise in gang violence in Central America, many fleeing the gangs are applying for political asylum here in the United States. In the…

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The EU & Turkey Sign Immigration Deal

The European Union and Turkey signed an immigration agreement, which obligates Turkey to readmit illegal immigrants who entered European countries through Turkey. In exchange for…

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Claims for Temporary Asylum in the U.S. Escalate

The number of asylum requests from undocumented immigrants nearly tripled this year, news sources report. According to The Los Angeles Times, this is the highest…

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Immigration Reform is on Hold, Nancy Pelosi Says

According to Houston Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Speaker John Boehner said on Tuesday that an overhaul of immigration laws would have to “wait until next…

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President Meets with Immigration Activists

The President of the United States and the first lady met in Washington, D.C. with immigration activists who have been fasting since November 12th to…

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Immigration Court Public Defenders

In the criminal justice system, the accused has the right to an attorney and if he or she cannot afford an attorney, the government provides…

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