Month: May 2014

ICE Gang Crackdown

The Homeland Security Department’s latest crackdown on street gangs brought in more than 600 suspected gang members, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials Thursday….

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Undocumented Immigrants Can Attend College & Practice Law in Florida

On May 2, 2014, Florida legislature voted and passed House Bill 851 (HB 851) with 26 votes in favor in the Senate and 84 votes…

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Philadelphia Halts Detainer Policy

In April of this year, the Philadelphia state legislation turned their focus to a national movement, created to defend immigrants against deportation for negligible and…

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Florida Supreme Court Rules Against Undocumented Law School Grad

The Florida Supreme Court ruled today that an undocumented immigrant and Florida State University law school graduate Jose Godinez-Samperio cannot be admitted to practice by…

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