Month: November 2014

Immigration Detention Facility to Close

The Department of Homeland Security announced today that it will be closing an immigration facility in Artesia, New Mexico. This particular facility is a center…

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Eighth-Graders learn about immigration from guest speaker

Eighth-grade students at the Donna Klein School in Boca Raton experienced a unique learning opportunity when Mrs. Frieda Goldstein, mother of eighth-grader Jacob Goldstein and…

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President Obama defends his stance on immigration in a CBS television interview this week

The President continued to proceed with his plan to make some changes in regards to undocumented individuals present in the country. President Obama criticized Speaker…

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Fox News Arguing Whether President Obama Has the Legal Authority to Pass Immigration Reform

The hot topic up for debate currently is whether President Obama has the legal authority to take action on the Immigration Reform on his own….

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Children in Los Angeles Immigration Court Face Federal Judges Without an Attorney

The Department of Justice, Executive Office for Immigration Review is the agency that employs the nation’s Immigration Judges and the Los Angeles Immigration Court is…

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Naturalized Palestinian on Trial for Failing to Disclose Previous Arrests for Bombing on Citizenship Application

The application for United States citizenship or N-400 is a document designed to ask many questions that relate to national security and the applicant’s past…

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