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Political Stalemate Could Lower Deportation Numbers

According to the Secretary of Homeland Security, if the Republican House does not advance towards a comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) this year, the Obama administration will be forced to take ...
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H1B Visas

The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant employment visa, required by foreign professionals with a high level of education in "specialty occupations" who wish to work temporarily in the United ...
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Legal Status for Undocumented Relatives of U.S. Military

The Obama administration has recently introduced an immigration policy, which allows the undocumented, immigrant relatives of U.S. military affiliates, to obtain legal status and military benefits. ...
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President Obama Extends More Immigrant Benefits

President Obama has extended legal status and military benefits to spouses and children who are undocumented immigrants of military members. This is an important policy that will allow those who serve ...
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Philadelphia May End Most ICE Holds

Immigrant advocates called for the Philadelphia city administration to stop honoring ICE Holds for those taken into police custody. ICE holds occur when local or state authorities notify Immigration ...
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Florida Supreme Court Rules Against Undocumented Law School Grad

The Florida Supreme Court ruled today that an undocumented immigrant and Florida State University law school graduate Jose Godinez-Samperio cannot be admitted to practice by the Florida Bar. This does ...
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Matter of Abdelghany - BIA Decision on Waivers

In a very important and precedent case, the Board of Immigration Appeals decided that former waiver 212(c) is now available for people who relied on the former waiver when making the decision to ...
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Florida Immigration Tuition Bill

Supported by he Florida House Speaker, Bill Weatherord, the Florida House panel last week unanimously approved a bill that would allow undocumented students to take advantage of in-state tuition rates ...
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Venezuela In Chaos

Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, supported by, among others, student-led protests, have complained about the Venezuelan economy, shortages of goods, and government corruption. Four people have now ...
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The Power of Social Media and Community

A very special client came to us as she had overstayed her student visa from France. As it turned out, she was the victim of an abusive spouse, who had been a lawful permanent resident. They were ...
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Immigration Reform, We all Want the Same Thing

Today on CNN a Democratic and Republican Congressmen were debating immigration reform. The Democrat explained why his party was in favor of a comprehensive immigration reform effort while the ...
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Behind the Scenes of Immigration Reform

For the past few years, the immigration reform news has been dominated by the differences between the Democrats and the Republicans regarding the extent to which immigration reform takes shape. The ...
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States Take the Lead on Immigration Reform

Governor Chis Christie signed a bill last week giving in-state college tuition to otherwise eligible undocumented immigrants. New Jersey joins at least 15 other states with similar laws aimed at ...
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GOP and Immigration Reform 2014

There is good news on the immigration reform front that Speaker John Boehner is working with his GOP Caucus this month on a set of "principles" that will guide them in a response to the ...
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Immigrant Arrested After Feds Discover Passport in the Mail

According to the Miami Herald, most undocumented immigrants are arrested as they cross the border or shortly after arriving in the United States. But a recent case involved an unusual paper trail that ...
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Boehner Softening on Immigration Reform?

Senator John Boehner has shown a change in his stance on immigration reform and has said that he may support a series of changes to the current immigration laws in the first few months of 2014. He ...
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Immigration News: 10,000 U Visas Approved for 5th Fiscal Year

According to the U.S. Citizenship an Immigration Services (USCIS), 10,000 "U" Nonimmigrant Vistas for victims of criminal activity were approved for the fifth fiscal year in a row. This is ...
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Nearly 50% of Immigration Judges Could Retire in 2014

According to CBS Miami, nearly half of immigration judges in the United States are eligible to retire in the coming year. The Executive Office for Immigration Review stated that there are already 32 ...
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Congress' 2014 To-Do List Starts with Immigration Reform

Now that Congress passed a deal to prevent government shutdowns in the near future, immigration reform is at the top of Congress' to-do list. The Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, ...
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Miami-Dade to Stop Funding Immigration Detention Centers

Aggravated by the underperforming American immigration system, Miami-Dade County has threatened to stop paying for detention centers that currently house undocumented immigrants. As the nation ...
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A Surge in Central American Asylum Seekers

With the rise in gang violence in Central America, many fleeing the gangs are applying for political asylum here in the United States. In the last five years, "credible fear" applications at ...
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The EU & Turkey Sign Immigration Deal

The European Union and Turkey signed an immigration agreement, which obligates Turkey to readmit illegal immigrants who entered European countries through Turkey. In exchange for the readmission ...
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Claims for Temporary Asylum in the U.S. Escalate

The number of asylum requests from undocumented immigrants nearly tripled this year, news sources report. According to The Los Angeles Times, this is the highest volume of asylum requests seen in the ...
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Pozo Goldstein, LLP Opens in Atlanta, Georgia

The Miami immigration law firm of Pozo Goldstein, LLP will open an Atlanta office on January 2, 2014. The office will be located at 3490 Piedmont Road NE in Atlanta, Georgia. Our phone number is ...
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Immigration Reform is on Hold, Nancy Pelosi Says

According to Houston Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Speaker John Boehner said on Tuesday that an overhaul of immigration laws would have to "wait until next year," even though Democrats have ...
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