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Withholding of Removal for Egyptian National


Our client is an Egyptian National. Unfortunately, he experiences mental health issues. A Mental Competency hearing was held before a Miami Immigration Judge. After several hearings, and discussions with the Office of Chief Counsel in Miami, all parties agreed that our client should be granted Withholding of Removal which is an Order from the Imimgration Judge that will prevent ICE from deporting our client to Egypt. Our client will be able to remain in the United States legally and continue to receive treatment for his mental health issues.

Withholding of Removal Granted

Adjustment of Status - Reason To Believe


Our client, a Jamaican National, was arrested four times in the past for domestic violence and possession with intent to deliver a large amount of marijuana. Ultimately, each case was dismissed but our client was denied a green card by USCIS both on discretion and on “Reason to Believe” he is a drug trafficker. “Reason to Believe” is a legal term and this allows USCIS to deny a green card based on a reasonable belief that the person is a drug trafficker even without a conviction.

At a removal proceedings hearing before a Miami Immigration Judge, our client and his wife testified. Although it was a close call for the Immigration Judge, he ultimately decided in our client’s favor. We showed that he was a person of good moral character and his wife testified to how important he is to the family.

Green Card Approved

Citizenship as Defense to Deportation


Our client, a Canadian National, entered the United States in 1997 as a Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card). Unfortunately, she was arrested and convicted in 1998 of possession of cocaine. It was not until 2010, when she traveled outside the United States and returned, that she was flagged as an immigration violator for having been convicted of a drug crime. Due to the timing of the conviction, there was no defense to deportation other than proving that she was eligible for United States citizenship and demonstrating that there are hardship and compelling factors in her case to close her deportation proceedings to let her apply for citizenship.

The Miami Immigration Judge denied our initial request to allow her to apply for citizenship. We appealed this decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals and they decided in our client’s favor. Once sent back to the Miami Immigration Judge, he reversed his own decision and found that there were compelling circumstances to warrant closing her deportation proceedings and allowing her to apply for citizenship.

Today, May 15, 2015, our client took the Oath of Citizenship and received her Naturalization Certificate.

Citizenship Granted

Adjustment of Status with Waiver of Inadmissibility


Our client, a Guyanese national who last entered U.S. in 1993 on a C1 crewmember visa was convicted in 2000 in Broward Co. of Felony Battery (originally charged as aggravated child abuse.) The alleged victim in this case was his two month old daughter. Our client says he was coerced into giving a confession about shaking her when she wouldn’t stop crying so he pled guilty.

All the children were removed from their home by DCF and placed with sister in Virginia. Client and wife only had visitation rights for two years. While children (and child with injury) were in her care, sister took victim child to specialized children’s hospital in D.C. where it was determined that child was born with selective mutism and triple x chromosome which can be the cause of learning disabilities which child has now.

Our client was able to file for adjustment with 212(h) waiver for his CIMT due to an I-130 Petition that made him 245(i) eligible. His qualifying relatives were his USC wife of 17 years and his 3 USC children.

We succesfully argued that the child's learning disabilities and other issues were the result of a genetic disorder and not an alleged shaken baby episode. Our client still needed the waiver of inadmissibility because he plead guilty to the felony battery even though he knew he was innocent.

After a lengthy removal hearing, the Miami Immigration Judge granted adjustment of status with a waiver.

Adjustment of Status with Waiver Granted.

Political Asylum

Client in removal proceedings requesting political asylum from Guatemala. Client was denied political asylum in Canada and denied before the Asylum Office in Miami. We represented the client before the Immigration Court in Miami and successfully defended his case and he was granted political asylum. As a result, he does not have to return to Guatemala.

Political Asylum Granted.

Joint Motion to Reopen

Filed Joint Motion to Reopen on behalf of a Guatemalan National who had been previously ordered removed from the United States by an Immigration Judge in Miami Immigration Court in 1996. The client married a United States citizen. Our Miami Immigration Lawyers filed a Joint Moition to Reopen based on this marriage with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Prosecutors, who agreed to join our motion. The Joint Motion was filed with the Board of Immigration Appeals and granted by them.

Motion to reopen granted

Deportation Defense

Client was convicted by plea in July 2005 of Purchase of a Controlled Substance. In 2009, she was detained for deportation by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Her deportation from the United States was almost certain due to conviction for an Aggravated Felony. After careful examination of her conviction records revealed a defect, a Motion to Vacate the criminal conviction was filed. The Motion to Vacate was granted and the deportation was avoided. She will be able to remain a lawful resident and will most likely attain United States citizenship in the future.

Deportation avoided; Lawful status retained.

Immigration Bond Hearing

Nicaraguan National who is a wife of a United States Citizen with a pending I-130 and I-485 with USCIS. She was being detained at Glades County Correctional due to a conviction for theft. Despite the conviction, we achieved an immigration bond before the Immigration Judge at the Krome Processing Service Center, also know as Krome Detention Center.

Immigration Bond Granted.

Cancellation of Removal

24 year old who entered the United States with his mother and sister when he was 13 years old. He had applied for adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident but was denied. His mother, a lawful permanent resident, is terminally ill and is currently receiving hospital treatment. The client was placed in removal proceedings and we submitted an application for cancellation of removal for non-permanent residents based on extreme and exceptionally unusual hardship to his mother if he were to be deported from the United States. After a full hearing before an Immigration Judge, an Order was entered granting permanent residency to our client. He will now be able to remain in the United States to help care for his ailing mother. The trial attorney from the Office of Chief Counsel did not reserve appeal so this is a final order.

Cancellation of Removal Granted!

Cancellation of Removal

Client who has been a lawful permanent resident since 1989, with three convictions dating back to 1991 - 2006. He was placed in removal proceedings and we applied for Cancellation of Removal for Permanent Residents. After a hearing on the application for relief, the Immigration Judge granted the case and the client can remain in the United States as a lawful permanent resident.

Cancellation of Removal granted.
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