Author: Pozo Goldstein

¿Que Puedo Hacer Si Me Detiene ICE? Ada Pozo Abogada Inmigración | Univision

Abogado Defensor de Inmigración en los Condados de Miami-Dade y Broward.

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¿Cita con Inmigración? | Ada Pozo Abogada

Inmigración y Naturalización en Miami

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¿Los Residentes Legales Están En Peligro? | Ada Pozo Abogada Inmigración Play Video
Abogada de inmigración Ada Pozo conversa con Teresa Rodríguez y responde tus

Abogada de inmigración Ada Pozo conversa con Teresa Rodríguez y responde tus preguntas de inmigración

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Experience and Commitment Ada Pozo – Casey Anthony Trial (español)

Ada Pozo – Casey Anthony Trial (español)

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miami immigration laws Miami Immigration Laws

Miami immigration laws differ from federal regulations when it comes to enforcement. Miami was a sanctuary city. This means that they did not enforce some…

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undocumented immigrants Undocumented Immigrants Still Enter the U.S. the Same Ways Despite Trump

During his campaign, President Trump stood in front of many crowds and made claims that he would stop illegal immigration. Here we are a few…

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green card holder's rights Green Card Holder’s Rights and President Trump’s Current Immigration Policy

The Changing Face of Immigration Things have changed a lot since English settlers arrived in New England hundreds of years ago. John Smith never had to…

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The Trump Administration’s Latest Proposals Could Make Millions of Immigrants Criminals Overnight

The latest bills that Republican lawmakers are attempting to push through targets immigration enforcement. These new bills will add thousands of new, assault rifle and…

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visa Visa Delays and Denials Could Be on the Rise

There are new security procedures in place that could increase the time it takes to get a travel visa. Immigration lawyers are warning those looking…

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miami deportations Justice Department Sends More Immigration Judges to Speed up Miami Deportations

President Trump ran on campaign promises to curb illegal immigration. So far he has followed through on those promises. Whether you agree with the new…

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immigration policy Did President Trump Finally Issue an Immigration Policy That Makes Sense?

Another news cycle brings another executive order on immigration from President Trump. This one takes aim at the H-1B visa program. It should be no surprise to…

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Pozo Goldstein Awarded Top 60 Immigration Blog

Recognized for Excellence​ We have great news! According to Feedspot, our Immigration Blog is one of the Top 60 Immigration Blogs online. Feedspot is a…

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Know Your Rights: If ICE Visits Your Home

All people living in the United States, including undocumented immigrants, have certain U.S. Constitutional rights. If you are undocumented and immigration (ICE) agents knock on…

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An Immigration Law Firm in Miami Highlights a Case You Need to Follow

For the most part, immigration law happens outside the spotlight. As a result, the people who are involved with it, like the attorneys at an…

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Recent Developments: ICE Raids in the United States

Last week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested 41 foreign nationals in the five boroughs of New York and surrounding areas. The targets of…

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trump muslim ban Trump Muslim Ban Invokes Fear for Foreigners

The new era of Trump has brought on many changes when it comes to obtaining an American visa. In the area of Miami, Florida –…

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An Inspiring Story of Immigration and South Beach

America is unlike any other nation on earth regarding its embrace of immigrants. This is a country that was founded by immigrants, built by immigrants,…

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Immigration Lawyers in Miami Crossing The Border? Things To Know-Immigration Lawyers in Miami

Immigration Lawyers in Miami: Law Office of Pozo Goldstein Discuss Crossing the Border When you decide that it is time to come to the United…

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Miami Immigration Lawyers: Immigration Fraud and Its Effect

Qualified Immigration Attorneys Miami immigration lawyers should be experts in their field. There have been several cases over the years of people passing themselves off…

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