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Travel Documents for Mexican Nationals

All foreign nationals who wish to visit the United States by crossing borders will be required to obtain certain travel documents according to their specific situation. A Border Crossing Card (BCC) is an official government document that permits holders limited entry into the United States. BCCs are issued exclusively to Mexican nationals, allowing those with ties to both the U.S. and Mexico to legally enter and exit the country for temporary visits. BCCs also function as B1/B2 visas, which are visas issued to foreign citizens for business visits and tourist visits.

Border Crossing Cards are issued as laminated cards that have special graphics and technology, as well as photo identification of the holder. Similar in size to a standard credit card, BCCs are valid for travel until the date of expiration imprinted on the card, which is typically a 10-year period. In order to obtain a BCC, applicants must be citizens and residents of Mexico, meet the eligibility requirements for a B1 visa or B2 visa, and must show that they have ties to Mexico that would result in them returning to the country after a temporary visit to the United States.

Applying for a BCC can be done at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate in Mexico. Applicants will need to present a valid Mexican passport at the time of application and will be required to pay certain fees. Children under the age of 15 will be eligible to pay reduced fees for a BCC if at least one of their parents currently holds a valid BCC or is also applying for a BCC. BCCs issued to children for the reduced fee will be valid until the child’s 15th birthday. When children obtain BCCs and pay full fees, their BCC will be valid for the full 10-year period.

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