The initiatives of the Four Freedoms Fund are designed to enhance the communicative and integrated lifestyles of newly immigrated individuals in the U.S.

At Pozo Goldstein, LLP we firmly believe in fostering the inherent rights that belong to immigrants to the United States. As such, we whole-heartedly believe in strategies that are designed to enhance the integration and wellbeing of immigrants who wish to permanently remain in the country.

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Our work to provide immigrants to the U.S. with the means that they need to securely remain in the country are greatly supplemented by the efforts of the Four Freedoms Fund, which works toward enhancing the integration of immigrants once they have acquired permanent residency or citizenship.

Mission: Investor, Convener, & Strategizer

Foreign nationals who immigrate into the United States are not always met with ease. In fact, it can be extremely difficult – even problematic – for a newly immigrated individual or family to adapt to their new life in a country foreign from their place of birth. To curtail this problem the Four Freedoms Fund (FFF) was created. Securing the full integration of immigrants as active participants in the U.S. democracy is the FFF mission, and it does so by fostering a cohesive national field for immigrants’ rights.


Nearly 200 grantees have benefited from the more than $56 million in grants that have been given since 2003 by the FFF. Across the country, the FFF has invested money in programs designed specifically for the enhancement of immigration policies, civic engagement, and strategic communication. In addition, investments of the FFF have gone toward responding to overly harsh enforcement, as well as contributing to organizational sustainability.


The FFF sponsors multiple meetings in states nationwide for the purpose of bringing together groups who could benefit from learning best practices as they relate to immigration. FFF-sponsored meetings are supported by grants that are intended to both reward and incentivize effective coordination in fields across the nation. Conventions and meetings held by the FFF are intended to teach and build relationships of trust / cooperation among immigrants and nationals of the U.S.


Since it began, the FFF has gained a national reach that allows the program to research and analyze vast amounts of strategic communication, and it can do so quite quickly. FFF committee members and staff members are constantly looking toward the future in terms of grant-making opportunities that might be available. Self-described as “nimble,” the FFF is much more easily able to effectively fill gaps and prepare the field for “the next big thing.”

How the FFF Awards Grants

Operations of the FFF stem from the program’s long-term vision of seeing immigrants and refugees who are now residing in the U.S. become fully integrated into American civic life. To move this vision along, the FFF supports coalitions at both the state and regional levels, all of which reflect the three main focuses of the program, i.e. investor, convener, strategizer.

The grants that are awarded by the FFF are ones that not only support state and regional coalitions, but they are also ones that connect to campaigns that are coordinated at both the national level as well as at the grassroots level. All grants that are supported by the FFF reflect strong tendencies toward the fostering of a strong, national field for immigrants’ rights. The FFF does so by:

  • Offering support to coherent infrastructures of local, state, and regional organizations that have proven to be effective
  • Boosting the capacity for communication among key grantees of the program
  • Providing multi-year funding that is geared toward capacity building
  • Supporting opportunities for peer learning which could benefit anchor organizations
  • Sponsoring all methods of funding, including in-person, telephonic, and webinar briefings
  • Commissioning research initiatives intended to identify strategic funding opportunities
  • Functioning as a “link tank,” that coordinates with other grant makers and grantee networks
  • Grants from the Four Freedoms Fund are made to geographic areas that reflect sizable immigrant populations; grants are also provided to areas that prove to be growing in the size of their immigrant population. Specialized initiatives have also been incorporated into the FFF’s work, including Civic Participation, Enforcement Reform, Strategic Communications, and Capacity Building. For ever-developing needs of the immigrant population in the U.S., the FFF has proven to be a strong and reliable source for addressing, supporting, and helping build up the immigrant community in our country.

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    The initiatives of the Four Freedoms Fund are well-designed to enhance the communicative and integrated lifestyles of newly immigrated individuals in the U.S. The program can only be effective, however, if foreign nationals continue to show interest in entering the U.S., either temporarily or permanently. Therefore, it is up to law firms such as ours – Pozo Goldstein, LLP – to ensure that individuals who wish to enter the U.S. or remain in the country are permitted to do so.

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