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Former Judge and Former Immigration Prosecutors represent clients in all immigration matters. Our Orlando immigration lawyers can help in all immigration matters such as deportation defense, family visa petitions, employment visa petitions, motions to reopen, appeals and much more. The Orlando Immigration Court continues to expand and the need for competent, quality, and honest, representation is crucial.

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How Our Team is Qualified to Help You

Steven A. Goldstein, is also a former immigration prosecutor who was based in Miami, Florida but frequently appeared in the Orlando Immigration Court. He is the Managing Partner for the firm. Mr. Goldstein is also a former police officer and his law enforcement background along with his time as a federal prosecutor gives him a unique advantage in all immigration matters.

Frieda M. Goldstein, is a former immigration prosecutor who began her career with the department of justice in New York over ten years ago, re-located to Miami and worked for the Department of Homeland Security in the Miami Immigration Court. Ms. Goldstein appeared before the Orlando Immigration Judges during her time based in Miami, Florida. Her former position as a federal immigration prosecutor in New York, Miami and Orlando benefits her clients in removal proceedings.

As a former Miami-Dade County Judge, Ada B. Pozo presided over thousands of criminal, civil, and family court cases. It is critical to seek competent legal representation when facing criminal charges and deportation. Retired Judge Pozo is the Managing Partner of the criminal defense team.

The Orlando Immigration Court has grown from two Immigration Judges to six Immigration Judges currently. The immigration lawyers at Pozo Goldstein, LLP have the experience it takes to fight for immigrant rights before the Immigration Court in Orlando, Florida. Many undocumented immigrants may be eligible for prosecutorial discretion while in removal proceedings. President Obama, in a June 2011 initiative, instructed the Department of Homeland Security to identify cases in which an alien in removal proceedings did not have a criminal history and otherwise warranted a favorable act of discretion from the United States government. Once identified, the Orlando Office of Chief Counsel for Immigration and Customs Enforcement offers prosecutorial discretion.

This form of discretion is in the form of a joint motion to administratively close removal proceedings against the undocumented immigrant. With the case closed, the alien can procure a valid driver’s license upon the showing of the motion to administratively close removal or deportation proceedings.