Post-Conviction Relief in Miami, Florida

When you hire an attorney, you place your trust in them to properly, legally, and effectively handle your case. Your reputation and well-being are in their hands, and you expect them to treat your case with the proper attention and care. So what happens if they misadvise you or mishandle your case in a way that damages your life and assets? In situations like this, you should seek compensation through post-conviction relief.

Immigration and Post-Conviction Relief

When it comes to immigration, having an attorney misadvise you or fumble your case may very well result in your deportation. For instance, let’s say an immigrant desires to make a plea in court, and their defense attorney informs them that such a plea may cause future applications for citizenship to be denied. Then, when that immigrant applies for naturalization sometime after making said plea, not only is their request denied, but they are also deported.

This is a prime example of misadvise by counsel, and the victim is entitled to sue for post-conviction relief. Also, if a defense lawyer handled an immigrant’s case in any way that could be considered unlawful, such as failing to call essential witnesses, improperly cross-examining witnesses, or failing to make appropriate objections, their client may make a motion to vacate a conviction if they lost their case.

Whatever you or your loved one’s situation may be, you should not have to face deportation because of your attorney’s incompetence. You should never have to give up your right to residency because of someone else’s mistake. Seek the representation of a Miami immigration lawyer who will properly handle your post-conviction relief case in a skilled and professional manner.

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