Ada Pozo discute la reforma migratoria en Univision

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Ada Pozo on GMA

Ada Pozo discusses the newlywed murder trial of Jordan Linn Graham on Good Morning America.

Ada Pozo on Good Morning America Discussing the JonBenét Ramsey Murder Mystery

Ada Pozo explains parts of the Jon Benet Ramsey Murder Trial. She explains the various peculiarities throughout the case.

Ada Pozo discusses Immigration Reform on Univision

Ada Pozo comentarios sobre el arresto Ariel Castro.

Ada Pozo comentarios sobre el arresto Ariel Castro.

Undocumented Immigrant and Ada Pozo

Ada Pozo explains how an undocumented immigrant who was brought to the US as a child should be allowed to live in the US to practice law.

Ada Pozo on Fox News

Ada Pozo explains how un-American the new plan is without comprehensive immigration reform. She explains how the practice of the new plan will affect …

Ada Pozo on TruTV discussing the John Goodman Case

Ada Pozo speaks about a man wishing to adopt his 40-year old girlfriend to allow for her to become a US citizen.

Ada Pozo discussing John Goodman’s Case

Ada Pozo explains the problems within the John Goodman Case, explaining that Mr. Black is doing the best job he can with the facts he has.

Social Media Evidence

Ada Pozo sheds light on the way social medias such Facebook and Twitter are being used in various court cases.

In Session – Protect Your Family

Ada Pozo takes on the role of the judge while speaking on behalf of the Zimmerman case, explaining that school records are not necessary.

In Session – Illinois vs. Kristin Holzman

Ada Pozo answers Facebook questions regarding a fake cancer patient charged with theft.

Sevcec a Fondo

Sevcec a Fondo with Ada Pozo

Ada Pozo – Casey Anthony Trial (español)

Ada Pozo – Casey Anthony Trial (español)

En Portado – Pozo

En Portado – Pozo

Ada Pozo on Univision Noticias

Ada Pozo on Good Morning America

Ada Pozo comments on the murder trial of David Pietz. He is accused of murdering his wife Nicole Pietz in 2006.

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