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Trump Immigration Plan Could Eliminate 4.6 Million Jobs

Trump Immigration Plan

A study conducted by the Wharton School found that unintended side effects of the Trump immigration plan, also known as the RAISE Act, could potentially cause 4.6 million jobs to disappear by the year 2040. The RAISE Act proposes to reduce legal immigration to the United States by about half in the next 10 years. If this bill becomes law, many economic experts believe it will result in…

Deportation of Criminals Down Under Trump

Miami Deportation Attorney

Despite some fairly intense rhetoric about the need to close U.S. borders and prevent illegal immigration, President Donald Trump’s administration has actually deported fewer immigrants during the first six months of his presidency than former President Barack Obama did during a comparable six-month period. According to an article published in the Washington Post, immigration officials deported just under 10,000 criminals in the month of January 2017. By June…

Miami Immigration Laws

miami immigration laws

Miami immigration laws differ from federal regulations when it comes to enforcement. Miami was a sanctuary city. This means that they did not enforce some federal immigration regulations. Also, Miami did not inquire about citizens that may be in the U.S. illegally. Lastly, Miami at one time refused to hold illegal immigrants or transfer them to federal agencies. Pressure from the Tump administration means that Miami has to…

Undocumented Immigrants Still Enter the U.S. the Same Ways Despite Trump

undocumented immigrants

During his campaign, President Trump stood in front of many crowds and made claims that he would stop illegal immigration. Here we are a few months into his presidency, and everything is pretty much the same. Undocumented immigrants are still making their way into the country, and they are still using the same tactics. You may be thinking “but what about the wall?” Well, the problem is that…

Miami and Cuba: A Love Story

miami and cuba

If you have ever visited Miami, you know that the Cuban culture and population are enormous. Miami and Cuba look almost identical in some areas. There is even a part of Miami called Little Havana. Cuban immigrants have been flocking to Miami since the Cuban revolution. In the fifteen years following the start of the Cuban revolution, an estimated 500,000 Cubans migrated to Miami. Also, there are 1.2…

Green Card Holder’s Rights and President Trump’s Current Immigration Policy

green card holder's rights

The Changing Face of Immigration Things have changed a lot since English settlers arrived in New England hundreds of years ago. John Smith never had to worry about green card holder’s rights. There was no such thing as a green card. Witchcraft was a pressing issue. A group of men threw tea off a boat, and New England was no longer part of England. Today, the United States is…

Miami-Dade Sanctuary Policies and Miami Deportation

Miami-Dade sanctuary policies

Miami-Dade County has shed its sanctuary status in response to President Trump’s executive order.  As a result, undocumented immigrants in Miami are now at a higher risk for deportation. The importance of good immigration lawyers is at an all-time high.  Due to the new Miami-Dade sanctuary policies, immigrants of any status in Miami should seek out a quality attorney. Immigration lawyers will make sure that you are here…

The Trump Administration’s Latest Proposals Could Make Millions of Immigrants Criminals Overnight

The latest bills that Republican lawmakers are attempting to push through targets immigration enforcement. These new bills will add thousands of new, assault rifle and body armor equipped, immigration officers. These new bills will add to the already hardline agenda that the Trump administration has taken on immigration. New policies have already put a strain on federal immigration courts. These latest bills will add to the already large…

Visa Delays and Denials Could Be on the Rise


There are new security procedures in place that could increase the time it takes to get a travel visa. Immigration lawyers are warning those looking to travel to the United States about the possible delays. New vetting procedures will increase the time it takes to get a visa. These procedures could also increase the chance of being denied. New Vetting Procedures President Trump is tightening the screws on…

Justice Department Sends More Immigration Judges to Speed up Miami Deportations

miami deportations

President Trump ran on campaign promises to curb illegal immigration. So far he has followed through on those promises. Whether you agree with the new policies or not, they are happening. The latest development in the administration’s fight against illegal immigration is reassigning judges. While the plan isn’t yet official, they are working on it behind the scenes. Miami is one of the cities on the short list…

Did President Trump Finally Issue an Immigration Policy That Makes Sense?

immigration policy

Another news cycle brings another executive order on immigration from President Trump. This one takes aim at the H-1B visa program. It should be no surprise to anyone at this point that President Trump means business when it comes to immigration policy reforms. With recent initiatives struck down by state and federal courts the President’s supports have become increasingly angry about immigration. The Executive Order The executive order is to…

Travel Restrictions In Cuba: How The Obama Administration Loosened Them

travel restrictions in cuba

March 2016: Obama Relaxes Travel Restrictions in Cuba Travel restrictions in Cuba began in 1962 when President John F. Kennedy placed sanctions as a response to actions of the Cuban government. Since then, the U.S. forbade its citizens from traveling to Cuba by law. Additionally, various statutes and regulations further secluded Cuba from The United States. In 2014, President Obama opened talks with acting Cuban President Raul Castro….

How Florida Immigration Will Change Under a Trump Administration

florida immigration

There has been a whirlwind of changes in the US since the last election. One of those changes has come in the form of immigration. Many of Trump’s promises and some of his actions will have a direct impact on immigration. And it’s likely that Florida immigration will be affected. With such a high proportion of immigrants, Florida will be greatly affected by these changes. Here’s a look…

Pozo Goldstein Awarded Top 60 Immigration Blog

Recognized for Excellence​ We have great news! According to Feedspot, our Immigration Blog is one of the Top 60 Immigration Blogs online. Feedspot is a site that helps users easily find relevant information and blogs on many subjects. We try hard to bring you up to date articles and news, and Feedspot recognized our blog’s excellence and its value to the online community. As a result, they chose…

3 Ways to Prevent Deportation and Continue Living Safely

prevent deportation

Deportation is a common concern among people in the United States today. Especially with the new administration and policies, the concern has grown. Those that are facing potential deportation often feel like they have no hope and no options. It’s essential for those facing such feelings to understand that there are always options, and hope must not be lost. Deportation is a serious concern for certain, but it’s…

11 Types of Temporary US Visas For Immigrants

Are you interested in coming to the US on one of the temporary US Visas? We will discuss 11 different types of temporary US visas that may be available to you. 1. B-1 Business Visitor Visa and B-2 Visitor for Pleasure Visa These temporary US visas are usually issued together. There is a B-1/B-2 visa-waiver for some nationals who are visiting for ninety days or less, which lets you…

Know Your Rights: If ICE Visits Your Home

All people living in the United States, including undocumented immigrants, have certain U.S. Constitutional rights. If you are undocumented and immigration (ICE) agents knock on your door, know that you have the following rights: You do not have to open the door. You do not have to open the door or let the officers into your home unless they have a valid search warrant signed by a judge….

An Immigration Law Firm in Miami Highlights a Case You Need to Follow

For the most part, immigration law happens outside the spotlight. As a result, the people who are involved with it, like the attorneys at an immigration law firm in Miami, are the only ones who follow case law closely. That could change over the coming year as a potentially groundbreaking immigration law cases goes before the supreme court. Rely on our immigration law firm in Miami to give…

Recent Developments: ICE Raids in the United States

Last week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested 41 foreign nationals in the five boroughs of New York and surrounding areas. The targets of these arrests were designated as criminal aliens, immigration fugitives, and those who re-entered after having been physically deported from the United States. Of the 41 arrested, 38 had some form of criminal convictions. ICE claims that these arrests were part of routine operations;…

Trump Muslim Ban Invokes Fear for Foreigners

trump muslim ban

The new era of Trump has brought on many changes when it comes to obtaining an American visa. In the area of Miami, Florida – which has an unprecedented record population of illegal immigrants – has a particularly fearful community. The Trump Muslim ban has many people protesting against his new policy. What the Trump Muslim Ban Entails The Trump Muslim ban includes the seven countries considered hotbeds…

An Inspiring Story of Immigration and South Beach

America is unlike any other nation on earth regarding its embrace of immigrants. This is a country that was founded by immigrants, built by immigrants, and driven into prosperity thanks to the contributions and commitments of immigrants. Immigration and South Beach are two phrases that go hand in hand. Unfortunately, immigration and South Beach often get a bad reputation. People focus on the number of illegal immigrants in…

Crossing The Border? Things To Know-Immigration Lawyers in Miami

Immigration Lawyers in Miami

Immigration Lawyers in Miami: Law Office of Pozo Goldstein Discuss Crossing the Border When you decide that it is time to come to the United States, there are some things you have to keep in mind. Certainly, you want to make sure that you have all of your paperwork so you do not face deportation or other penalties. At the Law Office of Pozo Goldstein, Immigration Lawyers in…

Miami Immigration Lawyers: Immigration Fraud and Its Effect

Qualified Immigration Attorneys Miami immigration lawyers should be experts in their field. There have been several cases over the years of people passing themselves off as immigration attorneys who are not even attorneys. As an immigrant seeking Miami immigration lawyers to help them, you need to ask questions about their qualifications. They should be proud to answer and give examples of those that they have been able to help…

Miami Immigration Attorney and the Unique Miami Situation

Miami Immigration Attorney

Miami Immigration Attorney Overview Where ever you are in the country, the immigration laws are the same. The laws governing immigration are Federal, not state laws. However, there are some situations in Miami that are different than anywhere else in the country. Cuba is only 90 miles from Key West, FL. It is a country whose unique immigration status with the US is different than any other nation….

Miami Immigration Attorney on the Latin Influence in Miami

Miami-Dade sanctuary policies

Miami Immigration Attorney on Immigration Miami has long been a center of immigration for various Latino and Caribbean peoples, but there are certainly more Latino immigrants than all of the other immigrants combined and this has had a tremendous influence on almost every aspect of life in Miami. Not only Cubans When people think of the Latin immigration into Miami, most think only of the Cuban immigrants. But,…

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