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The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) was established by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) as a way of regulating the persons who are eligible for hire by employers in the United States. Under the guidelines of IRCA, employers are permitted to hire only those workers who have been legally sanctioned to work in the U.S. In essence, only citizens, nationals, and authorized aliens will be eligible for hire under the stipulations of the IRCA. To fully understand this Act, a New York immigration attorney from Pozo Goldstein, LLP should be contacted as soon as possible.

Since it was established in 1986, the Immigration Reform and Control Act – also referred to as the Simpson-Mazzoli Act – has required that U.S. employers verify the identity of potential employees while also confirming their eligibility for employment in the country before making an actual hire. To do so, they are expected to utilize the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (Form I-9). In addition to thoroughly inspecting the Form I-9 of their employees, the IRCA also called for employers to keep this form on file for at least three years of an employee’s occupation, or one year aft the employee’s service ends (whichever is longer).

Reforms to U.S. Immigration Law

Perhaps the most significant change to come from the IRCA was its criminalization of an employer who knowingly hired an illegal alien. Business owners who are found to be employing a non-citizen of the U.S. who has not been authorized to work in the country can face financial penalties for their “encouragement” of undocumented immigration. Specifically, the act’s reforms included the following provisions:

  • The requirement that employers attest to the immigration status of their employees
  • The legalization of certain seasonal agricultural illegal immigrants
  • The legalization of illegal immigrants who entered the U.S. before January 1, 1982 and have resided in the country continuously with the penalty of back taxes, fines, and admission of guilt
  • The illegalization of knowingly hiring or recruiting an authorized immigrant
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