If you or a loved one has been picked up by the ICE and you wish to file a motion to reopen your deportation case, contact our immigration lawyers now.

Immigrants who are non-citizens of the U.S. are subjected to the constant fear that is imposed by the threat of deportation. The ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is constantly working to crack down on immigrants who are in the country illegally. As such, notices of deportation are common, and some alien residents of the U.S. receive these notices without first being provided the opportunity for a deportation or removal hearing.

If you or a loved one has been picked up by the ICE or a notice has been issued regarding a deportation order against you, it is imperative to act fast. It is a common misperception that non-citizens of the U.S. cannot obtain an attorney’s representation for a legal matter that has arisen in the country. At Pozo Goldstein, LLP, however, we pride ourselves on providing quality defense and representation to non-citizens in the U.S. With a New York immigration lawyer from our firm on your side, you can effectively challenge your deportation in court and even file a motion to reopen the case.

Reopening a Case in New York

In order to reopen a deportation case in New York, you must first have a legitimate reason to do so. This requires working one-on-one with an attorney to review the circumstances under which you received a deportation or removal notice, and moving forward from there. Specifically, your attorney will be required to submit a formal application to the Immigration Judge who will be attending to your case. It is in this application that the terms and conditions previously deliberated with your attorney will be discussed in further detail.

In your application to reopen a deportation or removal case, the Judge will be looking for a specific set of factors. Therefore, you need an immigration lawyer who knows what these factors are and how to appropriately portray them within the verbiage of your application. When reviewing the completed application / request to reopen a removal or deportation case in New York, the Judge will be looking for proof that one or more of the following factors exist:

  • The immigrant in question never received a formal notice of the deportation / removal hearing
  • Conditions in the immigrant’s home country have changed for the worse, thus causing potential hardship should the immigrant be forced to return home
  • Unusual circumstances require further investigation into the original deportation / removal notice, despite the fact that the two conditions above do not apply
  • As trial attorneys with more than 90 years of combined experience, at Pozo Goldstein, LLP we have personally seen the issues that can arise as non-citizens of the U.S. attempt to reside in the country while escaping potential deportation. As such, we have dedicated a portion of our practice specifically to the efforts of deportation defense in New York. If an unethical notary republic used an unacceptable company address and then abandoned the deportation case prior to trial, you deserve to have the case reopened. The same is true of non-citizens who are facing unusual or debilitating circumstances. Therefore, we encourage you to speak with our law office today.

    Why Pozo Goldstein, LLP?

    The immigration attorney that you choose to work with in New York could mean the difference between getting deported and being allowed to remain in the country legally. As such, we urge you to choose carefully when selecting the law firm that you would like to represent your case.

    At Pozo Goldstein, LLP our clients benefit from the professional experience of our legal team, which is made up of former immigration prosecutors and a former Judge. As advocates for our clients, we use our intimate familiarity with New York immigration courts to aid in the efforts being put forth on your behalf. Contact us today for additional information.