When an individual faces persecution in their home country, their livelihood can be threatened, their families could be in danger, and their living situation can be generally very uncomfortable. Political asylum is designed to help and protect those who are facing persecution in their country for various reasons . Persecution based on race, nationality, religion, political opinions, and membership of a particular social group or social activities are all factors that could render a person eligible for political asylum in the United States.

When a person is admitted to the U.S. on political asylum, they will be able to stay indefinitely or for a temporary time if until the situation in their home country changes. America was founded upon the freedoms of religion, political views, and many other various freedoms of individuals. No one should face persecution for any of these reasons. A Miami immigration attorney will be able to assist those who are facing persecution in a political asylum application. The process to apply can be long and difficult; this is why the legal aid of a lawyer will be helpful in this process.

Political Asylum Lawyer in Miami

If you are facing persecution for any reason, you may be eligible for political asylum. A Miami immigration attorney from Pozo Goldstein, LLP will be able to help answer your questions, provide you with legal advice and help you throughout the application process. On our legal team we have Former U.S. Immigration Prosecutors and a Former Judge, few other firms can offer their clients the legal experience and skill that our firm has. We have over 90 years of combined experience and we are committed to using that experience in order to help each of our clients.

If you are seeking political asylum, do not hesitate tocontact a Miami immigration attorney from our firm.