Political Asylum From Cuba

Today, we represented a 60 year old Cuban gentleman who was imprisoned in Cuba on numerous occasions, the longest of three years duration, for protesting against the communist government there.  Political asylum is not an easy status to achieve but our client was articulate, consistent and very believable as he detailed his life in Cuba to the Immigration Judge in Miami, Florida. The hearing lasted close to three hours and our client was subjected to a vigorous cross examination by the trial attorney from the Miami Office of the Chief Counsel.  Throughout the hearing he remained stoic as he described the death of his father at the hands of the Cuban police and the conditions when he was incarcerated as a political prisoner.

When the Immigration Judge announced, at the conclusion of the hearing, that she was going to grant political asylum, our client spontaneously burst out in tears.  He had applied for political asylum when he first came to the United States in 1980 but, for some reason, it was never completely adjudicated.  Finally, he had official refugee status in the United States.  Success at the end of a 30 year quest.

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