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Undocumented Immigrants Still Enter the U.S. the Same Ways Despite Trump

During his campaign, President Trump stood in front of many crowds and made claims that he would stop illegal immigration. Here we are a few months into his presidency, and everything is pretty much the same. Undocumented immigrants are still making their way into the country, and they are still using the same tactics.

You may be thinking “but what about the wall?” Well, the problem is that the wall will do little to curb illegal immigration from Mexico.  Also, a wall is any easy obstacle to overcome. There are ladders in Mexico after all.

Undocumented Immigrants: Tactics

There are some tactics that undocumented immigrants use to cross the border. The first tactic that immigrants use to cross the Mexican border is a ladder. Guides, also known as coyotes, place a ladder on the Mexican side of the border wall and a similar ladder on the U.S. side. Illegal immigrants then climb over the wall. Border Patrol agents have thousands of miles of border to cover and can’t be everywhere at once. So, this tactic is relatively successful.

Another strategy that immigrants use is floating across the Rio Grande river in makeshift rafts. These rafts are often made from repurposed car tires. The immigrants first must survive the river crossing, and then they have to trek for days through harsh desert landscapes to make it to civilization.

Another common tactic that smugglers use to get people across the border is on vehicles that are driven through checkpoints. The smugglers use all of their ingenuity to find ways to get people across the border. A wall will do nothing to stop this type of immigration by undocumented immigrants.

Tunnels are also a common tool that smugglers use to get people across the border. These tunnels are very well made. Smugglers hire engineers to ensure that a tunnel remains safe. They spare no expense when it comes to construction of these complex tunnels. Undocumented immigrants use these tunnels to gain entry into the U.S. every day.

The most common way that immigrants come to the U.S. is by plane. An estimated 40% of illegal immigrants come on planes. The difference is that these people at one point had a visa. Once here, these immigrants overstay their visas. While you may not consider these people in the same light as someone that hops a border wall, they are the same according to the law. So unless this new wall is going to be a mile and a half high, most undocumented immigrants will still be able to gain entry into the country.

About the Wall

President Trump made claims that could prove difficult to back up. He repeatedly mentions that his wall will be impenetrable. So what will the wall cost? The estimates range from $12 billion to $20 billion. The actual cost may prove to be even higher. Trump made a request in the 2017 federal budget for $1 billion. This $1 billion is for only 68 miles of wall.

How long will the wall have to be to cover the entire Mexican border? The border between Mexico and the U.S. is just shy of 2,000 miles long. With the first 68 miles costing $1 billion, it is anyone’s guess as to the final cost of the project.

The biggest issue with an impenetrable wall is that you can still go under it or fly over it. A border wall can never be truly impenetrable as President Trump claims.

Legal Immigration

Legal immigration into the U.S. is a difficult process. The application requires numerous documents as well as meetings with immigration officers. The process of legal immigration is known as naturalization.

Naturalization starts with gaining entry into the U.S. through a visa. There are a number of visas that an immigrant can apply for. Speak with a Miami immigration attorney to see what kinds of visas apply to you.

Once you have lived in the United States for more than five years, you can apply for naturalization. There are also some other requirements you have to meet. You can find more details about the naturalization requirements here.

Because of the complexity of the application process, it is wise to consult with an attorney before applying. The attorneys at Pozo Goldstein have decades of experience guiding people through the difficult immigration procedure. Contact Pozo Goldstein today to see how they can help you become a U.S. citizen legally.

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